berries on branch

Edible(?) Berries to ID

Client is wondering if the berries on her “tree” are edible & would like them identified, if possible.  She has picked 2 buckets of the berries already.  

flowering crab

Browning Fruit Trees

Client brought in branch from a fruit tree (?flowering crab) in her yard, which is one of three.  All three trees are starting to brown, branch by branch, in different stages. The crab tree seems to be most affected so far with many browning branches. As a side note, they did have an elm tree […]


Birch Tree ID

Homeowner would like to find out the name/type of this birch tree in his yard. Was unsure if it could be identified with these pictures.

Close up of wilted leaves and fruit

Wilted Leaves & Fruit on Plum Tree

Tonka plum tree in yard has several limbs with wilted leaves and fruit, noticed about a week ago.  Age is 4-6 years old.  Planted in plenty of good black dirt with compost and cow manure. The top soil around it is clay spread to keep weeds down.


Maple tree, dark spots & losing leaves

Soft maple on homeowner’s land in woods setting, sandy soil. Noticed these spots on the leaves, also was losing its leaves.  This has affected the whole tree.  Just noticed by homeowner, but unknown how long this has been going on.


Plant found in woods along the bank of a creek.

  There is a cluster of these plants. Each stem is about three and a half to four feet tall. Two leaves on each side going all the way up and then a round leave at the top with the purple tubes. The tubes have opened and there is six yellow tentacles inside. So far […]

Weed ID-No-till Corn Field

Help ID Weed in No-till Corn Field

The stems and leaves seem to have that waxy/rubbery feeling to it. Also, flower structure has yellow petals on the outside which wrap around a “pinnaple type” seed structure. Found in no-till corn field