pear branch with blackening leaves

Pear tree

Pear tree in well drained soil near another pear tree that has had constant fungal issues in the past.  10% of the tree looks like the pictures now.  Posting pictures for the new Green Lake Ag Agent, Ben Jenkins.

close up of the yellowing of the leaves

Plum tree chlorotic leaves

Client brought in a plum branch with yellowing leaves today (Fri) at 4 pm.  I’m wondering if this is something that would warrant sending in a sample to the disease diagnostic clinic (I told them if this is the case, we probably want a fresh sample Mon/Tues).  Several three year old trees are exhibiting the […]

close up of white flowers

Shrub ID

I had some pictures sent in to me for shrub identification. White flowers, 5 petaled.  Client is renting and cleaning up the yard.  They want to make sure this isn’t a weed of some sort.

hidden among the leaves of the goji berry plant is a thread looking creature

worm family??

Specimen was found on a three year old goji berry plant. Worm? appeared to be about 2.5 inches long, but only the diameter of a thread.  What might this be?

underside of fungus?

Growth on tree branch

I had an intern that was visiting another office that is without an agriculture agent relay a tree branch with some interesting growth on it for identification.  Not sure what the growth is, but it is very gelatinous looking.  Is this a fungal growth?  What can be done about it?  Does anything need to be […]

multiple branches impacted

Black knot disease? on choke cherry tree

A client sent in some photos of a choke cherry that they think may have black knot disease.  Is this something we can confirm visually?  The client is looking for management/treatment options, and if no options are available, how does one go about properly disposing of infected wood in town?  If it would be helpful […]

branch tip curling

Yard concerns-multiple plants

Homeowner is concerned over disappearing leaves of various plants and shrubs in yard.  When we chatted on the phone I mentioned that if multiple plants are affected there are likely multiple issues impacting the plants.  Can anyone provide any insight as to what may be going on?

view of whole tree

Evergreen Dieback

Client has two evergreens with needle dieback.  What is going on?  Is there anything they can do?  I believe there is some competition and the area is shaded by other trees which is likely not helping any…

picture of the leaves of the tree

Tree ID

Client wanted to know what kind of tree this is.  They were concerned about all of the light green long “leaf” drop… sorry this is where my lack of tree terminology is failing me.  I will label the picture in the alternate text section, so hover over the picture to identify which structure I am […]

south side of tree looks healthy

Evergreen tree brown on north side

I have a client that wanted to know why this tree is brown on the north side, but not the south.  The property is located a block south of a lake, but there are some trees around the lake that should help block the wind in winter.  Is this something that can just be attributed […]