Black Rot on Grapes

I think this is black rot but wanted to confirm. The client says they have a very old concord grape vine and 1 newer Marquette and 1 newer Frontenac vines. They described it as the vines get plenty of leaves and are loaded with grapes early. Then the leaves start getting Orange spots and the grapes start to turn brown/black and shrivel up. I was also curious about recommendations for home gardeners. I am not able to locate the publication Grape Pest Management for Home Gardeners  that is mentioned in Growing Grapes In Wisconsin. Should I just use the Midwest Fruit Pest Management for Commercial Growers?


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  1. Kimberly: I’d need to see close up photos of the fruits to verify black rot (I need to look for pimple-like structures that are the fruiting bodies of the causal fungus). There may be other diseases going on on the fruits. That said, the roughly circular, brown (orange) spots on the leaves are typical foliar symptoms for black rot, so likely some of the fruit decay is black rot as well. For control, I would go with the Midwest Fruit Pest Management pub. I too noticed that the homeowner pub has disappeared. That would be a great pub to revise and resurrect. Brian (:))

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