Colorado Blue Spruce

I have a client with 5 Blue Spruce in a row. I am not sure if they are all Colorado BS. Client thinks they are. I believe the one has Rhizosphaera needle cast but I only have an 8x lens and only see a few black dots. I have samples to be sent in if needed.


  1. Kara: It looks like there might be Rhizosphaera needle cast and Cytospora canker (or at least some sort of canker disease) in the tree. The yellowing of the tree overall, also suggests something more systemic going on (maybe a root rot issue of some kind). I’d have to see a sample in the clinic to check out all of this. Let me know if you’d like to submit. Brian (:))

  2. Yes Brian I would like to submit a sample to get to the root of the issue here. What type of sample do you need. I have branches here in my office, but they were cut on Monday.

  3. Kara: Send me several branches showing the range of symptoms. So, some branches with a combo of green and brown needles, some that are totally denuded (particularly if you can see dried sap on the branches). There would be a $20 charge to process the sample. No need to send payment. I bill when I send my report. You can find a submission form at Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions. Brian (:))

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