Unknown plant

The below sample was brought into the Lincoln County office with no description.  The homeowner would like a identification.

Thanks – Dan


  1. Dan: These are liverworts, a very primitive plant that likes moist conditions. The umbrella-like structures are male reproductive structures called antheridia. You may also see other structures that look like octopuses on a stalk. These are the female reproductive structures called archegonia. The main body of the plant is flat, leaf-like structures (one is called a thallus) that hug the ground. These plants don’t have true roots and take up the bulk of their moisture through their thalli. Also check on the thalli for little cup-like structures. These are called gemmae cups. Tiny thalli are produced in these that get splashed disseminated by rain to start new plants. I think liverworts are SO cool! Let me know if you have questions. Brian (:))

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