Cone-like growths on evergreen tree

Anyone know what these growths on the tips of these evergreen branches are? I’m not sure what kind of tree (the client said pine).  The tree also has needles turning yellow falling off from the inside of the tree towards the branch tips. Could the yellowing just be seasonal? Brian, I can send in a sample if that’d help. Thanks!


  1. Annie, I would have either Brian or P.J. look at this post for comment. When I first saw the twigs, I was thinking it would be either Cooley or eastern spruce gall adelgid, but the material on the trunk of the tree is not something I have seen before. I would be very curious to know what they say.

  2. Annie: There might be some Rhizosphaera needle cast or Stigmina needle cast going on in the tree (possibly some other needle or canker diseases as well). I’d need to see a sample to tell for certain. Brian (:))

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