Corn Problems

I am looking for second opinions on these corn samples, they are from a field in sand ground near Lyndon Station, WI. The individual said the field was planted around May 15th and supposedly came up within the typically time frame for corn emergence. The individual did not know the type of seed used (nor number of days for growing season), what was sprayed or when it was sprayed, and what was applied for fertilizer and when it was applied. Guessed the planted rows to be 36″ to 38″ wide, but did not know the population count. This is supposed to be a Round-up Ready field corn and this is their only field that looks like these samples. The field was fertilized and sprayed, but could not give date, amount, or products used at this time.  This was not replant corn, nor was their any replant done in this field, according to the individual.  No real signs of pests on plants/roots. The individual states that the field is split with the two sizes of samples they brought in to the office. This individual brought in the samples for his brother whose field this is happening in.  Curious if anyone else has had similar situations in their counties? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Stated that half the field is this size of corn

Ears that tried to form on the “bigger” sample

root system on the ‘bigger” sample

Stated that the other half of the field is this size

Both samples together for comparison

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