With no ears and little height, what will this corn do

I’ve been encouraging producers to hold off on taking their corn as corn silage, but I am wondering what does the corn do when it looks like this? Will no ears and short stalked corn continue to be vegetative or will it at some point toss in the towel and die or will the weeds at some point take over? So the bottom line question is for a field that looks like this, when should I harvest it for corn silage?

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  1. When was the field planted? You need to wait until you are sure pollination (tasseling and silking) is passed. The plant will continue to struggle on, stay as green as it can, and be wetter than you think. It will only dry down when it is killed by a frost. This field may begin to tiller, if the growing point is dead and conditions improve.

    The question becomes, what does the grower need for feed? If he needs feed and the field is determined to be barren, it may be worthwhile to cut and try to double-crop something else. If he does not need feed, just leave it and harvest it for silage anytime or plow down later.

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