Corn Density Issue

Corn planted late April into soybean stubble. Herbicide is G-max lite at 12 oz/acre and clarity. Only seed treatment was Apron. Corn plants are missing in two areas of field. No carcasses or underground leafing-out found. Very difficult to even find seed in furrow. Seed that was found is well rotted. Planting depth is ok. Sandy soil.

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  1. Jerry:

    The G-max herbicide is within labelled rate. Do not know about Clarity since no rate specified, but should be pretty safe. If corn is healthy and an adeqaute stand is emerging in other areas of the field, it is unlikely that it relates to planter or herbicide issues.

    Apron only controls Pythium disease. Usually seed is treated with Maxim+Apron to control other diseases including Rhizoctonia, Helminthosporium, Fusarium, Penicillium, and Aspergillus. Rhizoctonia is a disease that is usually expressed in an environment of rainfall followed by cool and then warm temperatures. To confirm any of these diseases, send a sample to the UW Plant Disease Clinic. By not treating with a general seed fungicide like Maxim or Captan, it is likely that one of these diseases may cause seed rot.

    Another pest suspect may be an insect like wireworm, although you would likely find seed carcasses.

    Other questions to ask include:
    Are the affected areas of the field low lying?
    What is the field history (previous crop, herbicide)?
    Could there be seed quality issues?

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